Wake Up!

A finalized summer

So this summer I am going to intern for The Barbarian Group in NYC. The plan is to commute (meh). My dad was talking about the express train that takes like an hour and 10 minutes so that’s not so bad. As much as I would want a shorter commute, talking to my dad makes me want to be at home for one more summer. Who knows where I will be next year…? That’s a whole other mental battle to be discussed next year when the job hunt resumes at 260% effort. Anyway. I will probably be worn out by the end of the summer, but, eh. I’ll have to deal. Maybe i’ll move to Nonna’s place after she leaves for Spain. Going home to one of my favorite cats, Stella, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…

I am just hoping that getting some HCI experience, see if I like it, and have it help my future job search.

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